Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Already?!

Happy All Saints Day to everyone. Gee, November? How'd that happen? Halloween was quiet for us. We never get any kids here, since we're on a hill and surrounded by older families.
Sure enough, previous experience held and we had a good frost last night. It really feels like proper winter now.

For the past three weeks we've been working out more at the local Rec Center, and I can feel it. We walk a mile on the indoor track and then do some weights. I hate lifting weights. I wouldn't go on my own. But my husband likes it, and there are no exercise classes in the early morning when we go, so I do it along with him. I used to be soooo conscientious about exercising in my 20's and 30's. I was in much better shape then too. I think getting married and owning a house really started the downward slide. Anyway, it's satisfying to feel fitter again, and the good feedback helps me keep going. It makes all the other physical things I do easier as well, like Aikido and Scottish dance.

In fact, I'm off to Asilomar, CA, tomorrow morning for a Scottish dance weekend. This is one of the most popular SCD weekends in the western U.S. It takes place in an early 1900's retreat center built right on the beach north of Monterey. You can walk out of your dormitory and onto the beach boardwalk along the shore. Most of the attendees are from California, but there are also people from Oregon, Washington, B.C. Canada, various other states, and this time there'll be 8 of us from Idaho!

The forecast is for mid 70's F. all weekend, with sun, a change from here! Hope I haven't packed too many warm clothes. My summer shorts are all in boxes now! Figures. I haven't been to this particular event since 1992, before my first marriage. It will be interesting to see how many people I know, and how many of them remember me.

Anyway, it's been a busy few weeks since I last posted. My parents were in town for two weeks. They helped us fix the carport roof, got us a dishwasher, and installed a new toilet in the master bath. Basically our Christmas presents a few months early. It's soooo nice to have a dishwasher again. Hubby is still getting used to it, as he's never had one. But I am thrilled!!

The garden is pretty much over, though I've had a few late raspberries. This recent frost has probably done them in now. Still haven't dug up any potatoes, but that will be soon. My husband harvested the gourds. There's a whole army of them drying in the living room. One really is as big as a beachball. The others are more normal, basketball-size or smaller.

So, early day tomorrow. More soon.

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  1. That hubby sounds like some great guy -- You lucky devil!