Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Old Dance Photos

I dug these out today and we scanned them in. This picture was taken in 1987 or 1988, not sure. It's a Civil War Ball. I'm dancing with Brian. Slightly behind and to the right is his wife, Stefanie dancing with her brother, Tim, my boyfriend at the time.

Next is St. Andrews, 1998, on the last day of the first fortnight. From L to R are Anita Mathur, Alan Twhigg, me, Susi Mayr, and Fred DeMarse. I can't recall the last lady's name, unfortunately. I had just passed my Prelim, and they had all passed their Full Certificate.

The next two are from when I danced in the San Gabriel Branch in southern CA. The third one is a dance and SCD demo team event that used to take place every summer at Descanso Gardens. I think this was 1990. The various demo teams in the area took turns organizing it. This was the year that the Waverley Dancers did it. The pictures shows the Grand March, with Marty Morrisey and I at the front of the line.

The last picture was taken at a dance in Pasadena, in 1987. In the photo is Ron Wallace and James Lomath, director of the Waverley Dancers. It was the evening after my first Prelim exam, and the examiners attended the dance. I don't remember that evening very well at all, as I was still getting over my nerves!

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