Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Snow!

Wow! It started snowing this morning, and continued all day. Just stopped a little while ago. That's a big snow fall for us - probably 2-4 inches.

The dog thinks it's great. I let him out to go potty and he went nuts, scampering around in the snow and chasing snowballs. Of course, since he's a poodle, the snow clumps onto his fur and it's a pain to get off until it melts. And being so small, it isn't long until he's cold. So I have a damp dog sitting on my lap getting warm again. Oh well. It was fun.

This storm is supposed to clear up tomorrow, which is good. I was going to do some fieldwork in neighborhoods today, but didn't want to drive around on slick residential streets and potentially get stuck. The main streets and the freeway were clear, but it can be nerve-wracking coming to a stop at stop signs on the backroads.

We started dance rehearsals last night for our performance at the annual Robert Burns Dinner put on by the local Scottish American Society. I've read it's the oldest continuous Burns supper in the country. Lots of Scottish and Basque sheepherders moved to Idaho in the 1800's. So there's a fair amount of Scottish ancestry in the area. This year it takes place at the nicest hotel in town, the Riverside. They have a great ballroom. I just hope we have enough room on the dancefloor.

Ah, snow falling again...nice.

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