Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend in the mountains

We had a good time this past weekend in McCall and Cascade. The Girl Scout's 'Thinking Day' event in McCall went well. About 30-40 girls and their parents took part. Each troop did a presentation on a country they'd chosen. Egypt and France were popular for some reason. Then hubby and the other musicians played for the dances Denise and I taught. I think we each did two. I taught Reel for Jeannie and Canadian Barn Dance. It went much better than I expected, and the girls picked it up pretty quickly.

Then we had to pack up the band and drive back down to Cascade to set up in the American Legion hall before 6pm. It didn't take as long as we thought it would, so we ended up having lots of time to chat over dinner. The band's membership has changed a lot in the past year, so they aren't sure anymore what to call themselves. They were going by The Bru, but recently we've been talking about finding another name.

The event in Cascade was a contra-dance. Denise taught more than I did, it being a Contra dance, but I did Reel for Jeannie and Canadian Barn Dance to give her a break from talking and shepherding :-). Most of the people there are beginners, so it's a lot of effort to get them all going in the same direction. It was fun though, and I had a lot of good comments on my teaching afterwards. That was nice to hear, since I'm usually pretty hard on myself.

After the dance, we all went back to Stacy's house. The musicians stayed up jamming until around 3am. I think I went to bed around 1am.

Anyway, we got home Sunday in the late afternoon. They had six inches of snow on Friday night up in McCall, and it was snowing on Saturday morning in Cascade. But Boise was almost Spring-like. I came home to find that some of my crocus were in bloom, as well as my tiny little witchhazel shrub. I'm so pleased it made it through the winter. Hopefully this year it will bulk-up a bit more. Lots of gardening work to do in the next few months, once the weather warms up a bit more.

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