Wednesday, March 19, 2008

King for a Day

We have a rooster. He's a Barred Plymouth Rock, less than a year old. One of hubby's fiddle students raised a bunch of chicks recently, and some of them turned out to be male. Once they got older she had quite a time with more than one rooster on the place. So yesterday she brought one over for us. He's pretty noisy. Crowed all night. Good thing we're outside city limits. He's rather magnificent looking, but he's for the roasting pan in the not-to-distant future. We're keeping him in the duck pen for now, or he'd be chasing our poor old hens all over the place. Then again, those are some pretty crafty old gals - they might not put up with some youngster trying to boss them around. Anyway, he's in Coventry for now. Just hope the fox doesn't get him before we do!

I went to Aikido last night, me and 8 guys. It's supposed to be the Basics class. That doesn't mean "easy", it's more like basic principles, which can be quite difficult when you think about it. Anyway, two other guys were back in that class after a long break, and they were even sweatier than me at the end. We worked on connection, along with a lot of other things. Then after class, Sensei took me through all the techniques required for 3rd kyu, my next test. I did better than I expected on the empty hand stuff, but the weapons and suwariwaza were nearly non-existent in my memory. So I followed Sensei through everything, and then we talked about how I did. Considering I had pretty light attendance this past year, and I'm only partially ready for the test, we've agreed to have it in August. That's fine with me. I can work on memorizing the weapons and getting my kneewalking to look a bit more coordinated. Sensie felt I've been doing Aikido long enough that I know more than I think I do, but I have to practice it more, get it into my body. Right now it's mostly in my brain and I can't call it up without effort.

So with a concrete goal in mind maybe I'll get into the dojo more often. I do really enjoy it when I go, it's just sometimes the 40 minute drive seems too much effort.

I've put a proposal before our new Thistles & Ghillies board to have a dance writing contest, with the aim of creating a book of dances written by our members that we could sell as part of our fundraising efforts. I haven't had much feedback on it yet, so I don't know what they all think, but I think it could be really fun.

Lots of rain this week, with snow in the mountains. Temps are staying relatively low, which is good. We don't want to lose all that great snowpack before summer! I love winter, but Spring is pretty wonderful too.

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