Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Little King is Gone

Well, our noisy little king, the rooster, is gone. He must've crowed at least every 4-5 minutes for the entire 24 hours we had him, even through the night. We figure it was because he was in one enclosure, and he could see the hens in the other enclosure. Still, sooner or later the neighbors would have said something, so Ken did away with him the next afternoon.

We had him for dinner on Tuesday. It was probably the first time I've had a home-raised free-range chicken. Sure, you can buy organic/free-range ones at the store, but they're not like this. He was very lean, for one thing. The dark meat was very dark, like a wild bird. And all the meat was stuck to the bones more firmly. It's easy to dry out a bird like that, so we kept it covered nearly the whole time in the oven.

Anyway, it tasted good, if a bit chewy. And since I don't often get to make soup stock from a bird that's entirely free of any additives at all, we boiled up the bones for soup on Sunday.

We're thinking of raising some birds of our own this year, but haven't decided when to get them. Maybe in May.

We have a SCD demo this Saturday at the Canyon County Celtic Festival. Hubby's band, The Bru, is playing as well. This is the first year it's been done, so it remains to be seen how well things will go, and how many people will show up. But we'll do our best, and hope we might get a few people interested in coming to dance class. We'll have a bunch of people over for dinner on Saturday afternoon, since the organizer wants The Bru to come for their sound check at about 3pm. Rather than have everyone drive back and forth twice, they'll just hang out at our place in between.

Hope you all had a nice Easter.

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