Thursday, March 13, 2008

New leaves

We in Thistles & Ghillies had our Annual General Meeting last night. We talked about the past year and coming year, heard a report from the Treasurer, and elected new officers. The other teacher and I trade the Teacher Liaison position back and forth each year. It was her all last year and she didn't even realize it. Now it's me again. Not that it makes much difference. Even when it was her I still came to the Board meetings because hubby was President. Now he's not, and I *still* have to go. Oh well. It's a good excuse to see my friends.

Last Monday night I taught a new dance that I wrote. Thank goodness we had 16 people in class because it's a four-couple dance. There are some difficult figures in it, with tricky transitions between them. So I taught two of the figures separately before getting into the dance proper. That helped, but the transitions still gave folks trouble. And of course this is a dance that has never been danced, or taught, before. So it's not like I already knew where the trouble spots would be. A few of my more experienced dancers made some good suggestions and we tweaked a few things accordingly. Now I just have to hope I get at least 16 people next time, so I can review it with them. I got a lot of good feedback, it's a cool dance. We just need to work on it more so people start to really enjoy it.

I went out and swept all the oak leaves off my shade garden border a few evenings ago. I had almost forgotten all the plants I'd put in last year. Over the winter all you could see was oaks leaves covering everything. So it was fun to find new shoots coming up. My hellebore made it through the winter, thank goodness. I think that was partly due to the thick blanket of leaves insulating it from all the snow. Looks like the two new heucheras made it, and the campanulas, but I'm not so sure about the achillia and the hosta. They aren't poking their heads up above ground yet anyway. The next big chore is to get all those leaves raked out of the way into a pile somewhere else. So they don't just blow back over the plants again.

The picture is my first daffodil to open this year. I'm always thrilled to see the bulbs appear. Bulbs are like hidden treasure, buried jewels. You almost forget they're there, and then they pop up and surprise you just when you're most impatient for spring to start. I can actually see yellow in the daffodil buds, and two of the crown fritillaries are above ground. I got those for hubby because they look like alien life forms. Looks like one might have died though. I'll have to dig around for it.

Lots to do now that things are perking up after a long cold winter, in the garden and life in general.

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