Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring is coming!

Yikes! The weeds have turned our field green and they're overrunning my veg garden. I keep hoping for a nice rain to soften up the soil so I can get out and pull weeds. We'll probably end up roto-tilling again, which really isn't the best way to get rid of weeds, but there's just too much ground out there for me. Half an acre, even though not all of it is being actively cultivated. Four different areas if I count the back shade garden. I'd really like to get that one worked into shape, since it's our view out the glass doors in the bedroom.

Anyway, things are coming up already, and I have a lot of work to do out there. At least the daffodil bed is clear. It has sort of an accidental mulch of pine needles from the tree above. Maybe I should take the hint and use more mulch elsewhere! My strawberries are already green, and I need to clear the asparagus bed so the asparagus shoots that are soon to appear have a chance! The new 'cottage garden' area is completely overgrown again. But the sedum, oriental poppy, and other things are all sprouting. I'm excited to see my new irises flower this year. I got some very cool colors and I really want them to do well. One kind is a clear yellow with a light blue beard. That's the one I'm most anxious to see. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can get out there and work. I hope it rains a bit between now and then.

Tonight we have a dance performance for a Bosnian group. Evidently they've invited a bunch of different dance groups, including Irish and Basque, so it should be interesting to see. And we get dinner! I just hope our demo goes well. We haven't had as much rehearsal as I'd like.

Hubby played fiddle for the local Folklore Society monthly dance Friday (yesterday) night. Another friend of ours was kind enough to come along to play guitar. It isn't a paid gig. All the musicians do it for fun. They asked him on Wednesday as a last minute stand-in for their regular fiddler, who cut a finger on her left hand and couldn't play. Hubby requested he get to chose the tunes. As the lead instrument it's important for him to be able to play well, rather than stumble along on their usual tune sets. It's easier for the back-up instruments to deal with new stuff, and not as obvious if some of them aren't quite perfect.

I hadn't been to this particular dance before, so I went along. Word is these folks do nearly the same dances every month. But I got the feeling that many of the people I danced with didn't know the dances. The caller did a mix of circle, contra and square dances. Some of the square dances had interesting figures, but they went on faaaaar too long. The last one lasted for over 15 minutes! Not only did it seem long to us dancers, but the musicians got very aggravated and tired, playing so long, and fingers were raw.

So we had another late night. And we'll have one tonight as well, I think. Hopefully it'll be more fun.

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  1. I highly recommend mulch, lots of it. I live in a windy area so it took awhile to find a mulch material that would not blow away but still would decompose at a decent rate.

    I use grass clippings from a motel with huge green lawns and from a lawn service. They both dump their trailers here so they do not have to go to the landfill.

    Mulching is the only way I can manage my extensive gardens at all.

    Energies of Creation