Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Recoil

It figures. I waited and waited to tidy up the dead seedheads and dry stems left on my perennials all winter. Finally couldn't stand it last weekend, so I cut them all off.

So of course it snowed on Tuesday. Just like making it rain by washing your car, eh? But it didn't really do any harm. Just a teasing gesture from Mother Nature.

Today we raked all the oak leaves off the back garden shade border and I pruned the roses. Nice to see the shade perennials I put in last year have made it through - though I'm still worried about the hosta. It's supposed to reach into the low 70's today and tomorrow. My first day of the year to wear sandals!

Some of my seeds, the soy beans, planted last Sunday, have already come up. I really hope I get at least one or two of each tomato variety to germinate.

There's a meadowlark singing in the oak tree outside my window, and the chickens are out foraging in the grass. Now it really feels like Spring.

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