Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Iris

Two irises opened yesterday. These are the ones I brought home from my parents' house in March '07. Looks like they're going to do really well this year. In fact, all the iris in my garden are looking good. I just wish we'd get some rain. I'm already having to water regularly, and it's only early May.

The doctor said I could drive now, so I went to get my hair cut this afternoon. It was getting long enough to bug me. I don't have the patience for long hair anymore. I just end up putting it in a ponytail - and what's the point of long hair if you never see it?

I go back to work on May 19th. That's less than two weeks away. Suddenly it seems like I hardly have any time left. There's a sewing project I want to get started on, I need to switch out my summer and winter clothes, the veggie seedlings need planting out, there are still books I haven't read...darn.

The oak tree began to leaf out yesterday. In the morning it was all swelling buds, and by afternoon you could see leaves. Amazing how it happens so quickly. Before we know it, it'll be summer.

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