Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Wow. I turned 50 yesterday. Weird. It sounds incredibly vain for me to say this, even in a private blog, but the only way I can comfort myself is 1. It's better than the alternative. 2. I don't look "50", whatever that means. I still occasionally have people tell me I look like I'm in my early 40's, or even late 30's. Nice to hear, even if the ones who think 30's are so young they still don't have a good idea yet of what ages look like.

Anyway, it was a nice day. In the morning hubby and I went to the local Farmer's Market. Still early, so there wasn't a lot of produce. But there were a lot of veg plants for sale, as well as bread, cheese, meats, and wine! We bought two bottles from Snake River Winery. They have Malbec and Barbera grapes now. The vintner was there, and he said if he'd done more research beforehand, he wouldn't have planted the Barbera grapes, since they flower earlier and so are more prone to frost damage. Looks like so far he's done ok though. The wine is good.

I also bought a few bars of soap for Mom's Day presents, as well as some bread, and some gladiolus bulbs. Gotta get those in the ground soon, just not sure where to put them yet! I might have to chisel out a hole in the weeds first. We have an incredibly healthy crop of goat heads and other weeds where we rototilled last year. We've finally decided to get a roll of weed barrier and just cover the front lawn with it for a season. Kill everything we can, clear it off, and start again with low-water grasses. It'll take a while, but the other option is soaking it with Round-Up, or renting a bulldozer, scraping a layer of weed-infested topsoil off and bringing in clean soil. Kind of extreme solutions, nevermind expensive! So we'll go the slow way.

As for the new cottage garden area that was rototilled, I think we'll have to try the same thing there. What a mess.

Anyway, the Farmer's Market was nice. On the way back to our car we stopped into Java for a coffee and saw my step-daughter (working).

I took it easy for most of the afternoon, and then we all met at Epi's, a popular local Basque restaurant for dinner. Very good food. I had the baby squid in ink sauce. The black sauce looked a bit strange, but it tasted great. Hubby got leg of lamb. Yum. Everyone's food was very good. Then we went back to my sister's house for cake, ice cream and presents. I got a gardening book, a new CD, some hairbands, an emerald pendant, and a nice check from the folks. All just what I wanted.

I recently subscribed to Fine Gardening. As a reward for subscribing, I got a $25 credit from White Flower Farms nursery. So I had fun spending that on their website yesterday as well.

Today we went out to the Owyhee Front range to look for wildflowers for my step-son's botany class. He has to find 20 Idaho wildflowers. We managed to find quite a few in bloom, including arrow-leaved balsam root and larkspur. That's the picture.

Think I'm going out to look for a spot for those gladiolus...

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