Friday, May 16, 2008

More Iris!

Wow. Overnight more of the iris have opened. I guess that's what happens when the temps don't fall below 50F. The pictures are of the smaller bed in the Front Garden area. The purple-edged iris is the only one I knew the color of, the rest in the group haven't bloomed until this year. I'm really pleased with some of them. Two of them are shorter types, one a pale blue, the other a light golden-yellow with purple veining. Really different looking.

The other shot is the large bed, with the species iris just beginning to bloom, yellow columbine, purple sage and knautia macedonica. The short plant at the bottom left is a rudbeckia. It really sulked in dry weather last year, so I was surprised to see it come up again. We'll see if it's less fussy this season. I can see flower buds and stems forming on everything else. The helenium and echinacea are going to be spectacular. In the next few weeks things are going to look very different. It's always interesting to compare one year to the next. I think these beds were further along by this point last year.

This last picture is from mid-May 2007. You can see the iris, scabious and dianthus already in bloom, but the columbine is much smaller. As well as the cilantro on the left and the burgundy rose in the background. It's interesting to see the differences, but I am not the least bit disappointed. I was thrilled with all the water (snow) we had over the winter. It's been a dry Spring however, so it'll be interesting to see how the year plays out, weather-wise.

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