Thursday, May 15, 2008

Planting Day

The forecast says it could reach 90F on Saturday, and the nights probably won't fall below 50F for the rest of the week, so I took a chance and planted out my tomatoes and beans today.

In the back you can see the raspberries coming up. Just in front of them are nine tomato plants, with a border of dark red marigolds along the path. I made sure to have cages for all of them this year. And I'll be cutting them back a bit more as needed, so the area doesn't get completely over-run.

Moving further towards the camera you can see a row of beans; one lima, three soybeans and three Blue Lake bush beans. I wanted more limas, but I'm the only one that likes them, so maybe one plant will be enough.

Right at the front edge of the bed are two rows of gladiolus bulbs, 24 of them that I bought at the Farmer's Market a few weeks ago. I have no idea what colors they'll be, and I've never grown glads before, so this is a new adventure. SW Idaho is good bulb country, so glads and iris do very well here.

Without really intending to, I seem to have accumulated a LOT of iris. The purple ones I brought from California are beautiful. The dwarf ones I ordered online are all putting out lots of leaf, but so far I haven't noticed any buds. Then there are a bunch of them in the Front Garden that I picked up at a farmer's market last year. I haven't seen most of those in bloom yet, but this year it looks like I will. Some of them have already bloomed, but there are lots of other flower stems with buds yet to open.

And then there are the iris that my parents helped me move a few weeks ago from the back garden, where they were in a very over-grown crowded bed, to the new cottage garden area. I didn't expect any of those to flower this year because of being moved, but three of them have flower stems! I think I know what color those will be, but since I've only ever seen a few of them bloom back there, they might surprise me.

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