Sunday, June 1, 2008

Veggie Progress

Happy June! So far there are no green shoots on all the asparagus but one. Don't know why. But I'll keep at it and see what next year brings. I do know that asparagus are a time investment.

The arugula seeds I planted on May 24th have already come up. We will NOT run short of arugula this summer. I may be giving it away! Nothing in the parsnip or cosmos rows yet, but there are tiny lettuce seedlings showing. All 24 of the glads have sent up leaves. It'll be very interesting to see what colors they are. I saw a beautiful one at the store last week. Dark red with white edges. I doubt I have that one in this bunch, but it's something to look for in future.

We've had a good amount of rain the past two weeks, though not enough to keep the garden going. That's alright, it's good for our general region. We're only at about 50% of normal so far this year.

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