Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flime Ties

The summer is just screeching past. This is my hair. I haven’t had it cut since early May – no time! Maybe next week I can get an appointment. I’m happy with the way it’s layered to encourage more of the natural wave, but it’s longer than I want it to be, especially with the hot weather.

Yesterday we had a series of thunderstorms blow through and drop a good amount of rain. Yea! Fun to watch the lightning flashes at night too. A small tornado crossed the Magic Valley (around Twin Falls) area yesterday, but there's so much landscape and so few people, they had trouble getting spotters out there to confirm if it actually touched down or not.

We had high winds, and sometimes it seemed to me there was some rotational movement in it, but no twisters, thank goodness. Our carport would be gone for sure if we had that kind of high wind.

Work is keeping us all very busy in our area. The National Intelligence Directive (NID) comes into force at the beginning of October. It's bringing some changes in how we investigators do our jobs. We now have a much tighter deadline for most kinds of investigations, and because of it there are new rules for how work is assigned. Previously we had some time flexibility that allowed work assignments to be zoned geographically to reduce windshield time for the investigators that have to drive around collecting interviews and records.

I live about 25 miles away from the rest of my team. Previously I could usually count on my work being mostly on the west side of our team's territory. Others in my team who live farther east didn't have to drive to my side of the valley very often.

Now we're all going to get work assigned based on the dates, no matter where it is geographically. So everyone will be criss-crossing our territory, from Burns, OR, to Twin Falls, ID, to Duck Valley, to Sun Valley. More driving means more time spent to collect the same amount of information as before. In fact we anticipate we'll experience a drop in our production numbers because of it. The folks in Montana are going to have even more problems, as their distances are bigger than ours!

More job stress. Hopefully I can deal with the changes and keep my numbers up.

I’m supposed to be going to Aikido at least twice a week to prepare for my 3rd kyu test, but I haven’t been able to as often as I hoped, usually because I have a late interview or something to type to meet a deadline. So my tentative August test date will probably be put off.

At least dance classes have been going well. Our attendance dropped a bit from people going on vacations and stuff, but not as much as last year. Our last class of the summer is on Monday. Then we’ll have a break until September.

The garden is catching up after our cool Spring. The raspberries are producing more, and I’m hoping the beans will begin coming soon. I’ve only had five so far. The arugula has gotten away from me as usual. We just can’t eat it fast enough. I’ve given 5-6 bags away and still there’s more. The tomatoes are all still green, but pretty soon I’ll be drowning in those as well. And thank goodness both of the new asparagus plants have sent up shoots at last. I’d begun to think they’d died after all. So I now have four functioning asparagus crowns. I may have lost two of the originals. We’ll see.

I’m worried about the rhubarb. I might need to move it to a place that gets shade in the afternoons. No matter how much water I give it, it’s still wilting in the heat.

We have a dance demo coming up this weekend, so we’re all hoping the heat isn’t in triple digits on Saturday!

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