Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mid-summer Bouquet

These are the flowers I cut this morning. The echinacea, agastache and helenium are new, the scabious and knautia are still blooming. My sweet peas are blooming, but not as thickly as I used to get them in the UK. Just too hot here I think.

This is one side of the garden. You can see flower spikes on the gladiolus. Then there are the peppers and beans, the tomatoes, and the raspberries. The tomatoes are really full of fruit. Two of the plants will barely stay upright, even with cages. I keep cutting back new growth on the early ones, hoping that will get the tomatoes on them to start turning red. I should have ripe tomatoes in a few weeks, I hope. Next year I need sturdier supports and I'll really have to stay on top of pruning them. It's a learning experience.

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