Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well so far the weekend has been MUCH nicer than the week that preceded it. On Monday I had an incredible toothache. I've never had one before. It was like someone pounding a dagger up through my tooth into my cheekbone. It was sensitive to cold AND hot, so I couldn't eat or drink without pain, and sometimes it even hurt when I talked because the cool air would hit it when I breathed in. Argh!!

To top it off, our washing machine was broken, and the hot weather meant dirty clothes were piling up faster than usual.

I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. It was originally for a cleaning, but I couldn't stand the thought of the hygienist putting metal instruments on my bad tooth. The dentist came in and checked a few things. He said the pulp inside my crowned rear molar was dead or dying, which meant I needed a root canal. Fun. I'd never had one of those either.

At least I was able to make an appointment for Thursday, two days later. By drinking liquids through a straw and only chewing on one side of my mouth, I managed to get through the next few days. It was nice I still had a few pain killers from my surgery in April. Those helped at night.

On Thursday the guys delivered our new washing machine before noon! Surprising but very convenient. They had to work pretty hard to get the new one down the stairs into our basement, and then haul the old one up. Whew!

The dentist had me take a Valium one hour before the appointment. He prefers that over giving people laughing gas - I hate that stuff anyway. I'd never taken Valium before though. By the time we got to the dentist office, I felt very relaxed. Mentally still ok, but my body was wobbly.

The nice thing about it is you lose your sense of time passing, so the two and a half hours sort of floated by. Just as well. The initial drilling through the metal crown was NOT pleasant. It felt like those big jack-hammers they use to break up sidewalks. My whole face felt the vibration, and my jaw is still sore. After that it wasn't so bad, and by the time they were done I felt nearly normal. Except for the right side of my jaw and tongue being completely numb. I couldn't chew anything because I couldn't tell if I was chewing my tongue, so I made a fruit and chocolate ice cream smoothie for dinner. Which I didn't have to drink through a straw!

My tongue and face stayed numb well into the night. Inconvenient but not a bad thing, as I found out the next morning. When I woke up ALL my teeth ached, as well as my jaw, and it hurt to open my mouth wide or chew. Thank goodness for Vitamin I.

But even so, Friday the 4th really was a much better day. No more severe toothache and I'd had a good sleep. So I was able to get some house cleaning done and do six loads of laundry! What a luxury it is to have electric washing machines. How did we ever manage before! And this new one really does use less water, takes less time to fill, and I don't have to dry things as long. All the clothes I usually hang dry take less time too. So far I haven't had trouble with unbalanced loads either. So I'm pretty happy.

Aside from all that, we had a nice holiday. We barbecued chicken, steamed some sweet corn, and had watermelon for dessert. Then we watched fireworks from our front yard. We live on a northeast-facing hill, so we can see most of the fireworks displays in Boise. Of course they're really *tiny* from that distance, but it's still fun. We also set up our digital camera on a tripod and had a great time with sparklers on long exposures. Hence the picture :-). My step-son managed to move fast enough to get most of his name done during the exposure time, but I didn't. It was fun anyway.

Today I did some gardening and we went to Goodwood for dinner. It was much cooler yesterday and today than earlier in the week. Only about 88F today, and cloudy, so not too bad to be outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. I do like three-day weekends.

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