Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Three-day Weekend!

This is a little bouquet I made from flowers in the garden, sitting on the corner of my desk. Since I have to work in here, it's nice to be able to appreciate the flowers outside. I'm particularly happy with the delphinium. It's a wonderful sapphire blue that looks amazing with the sunlight shining through it.

I have a root canal this afternoon, so I'm glad to have three days off afterwards. It's supposed to be hot, but I'll probably be sleeping most of the afternoon, so I won't notice so much. I just hope it's not so blistering over the weekend that we can't get out somewhere.

We're supposed to get the new washing machine today, which is something else to look forward to. We're hoping it arrives in the morning, as hubby has to drive me to my dentist appt at 2pm.

Happy 4th everyone!

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