Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fall Around the Corner

The days are getting shorter. Thank goodness, because that means the evenings are cooling off sooner. Although August usually has more hot days, I think July is worse because there's soooo much sun, it stays hot longer into the evenings.

On the other hand, August is hard enough to get through. It got up to 103F yesterday. And of course I was out there doing fieldwork, walking around in the blistering sun. Ugh. Then last night we had a storm system blow through. Didn't get much rain, but it brought the temperature today down to 86F. Just as well my haircut appointment was today. If it had been yesterday, I would've had her just shave it all off! As it is, today I just asked her to cut off about 2 inches and re-do the layers.

It was a hot weekend. We went to the Farmers Market on Saturday. The local iris society was there selling iris rhizomes. I found a new tall one, yellow with orange highlights. It should look great with all the dark purple ones.

Saturday night was the monthly contra-dance. Hubby's band played, joined by a fiddle and guitar duo we know from Pocatello. They all did a great job. There seemed to be lots of new faces dancing this time, mostly younger folks, which is good. It was really hot and sticky in that hall by the break. I tried to dance as many as I could until halfway through. After that I think I only did every other dance, it was so hot. I think a lot of people left then. During the first half hubby debuted his ukulele playing for the waltz. They did a song. With just guitar, voice and bass, hubby felt they needed more rhythm, so he used the uke. I thought it sounded good!

Afterwards we all went out for beer and nachos. We sat outside at a local pub. Good thing because I think we were pretty noisy. I gather I was lucky to not get any mosquito bites that evening, even though I already have FIVE on my left foot from camping last weekend. Those were driving me crazy until today, especially at night. Why do mosquito bites seem to itch more at night? I've been putting CalaGel on them every morning, and that has really helped.

I've noticed the sun is burning my vegetables. The Marconi peppers are worst off. I finally put some netting on them for a sunshade. The raspberries are getting it too, but only the berries at the top of the canes. So most of them are ok. The tomatoes are mostly shaded by their leaves, but I have picked one or two that look like they've been bleached by the sun. We have, as predicted, far too many. So I think we'll be having lots of spaghetti and salad with tomatoes this month.

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