Thursday, August 7, 2008


Here's the latest mini bouquet from the garden. The nicotiana really lasts as a cut flower. I love it. The others have been blooming, with small breaks, all summer. The purple scabious has just been heroic! Hasn't been out of flowers since May!

More gladiolus are opening. I have a lime green one, which is cool. There's also two more reds in different shades, and a peach/cream one. I'll probably take one of them with me to the dojo tonight. Whichever I think looks best by this evening.

I have to make an appointment to get the dog groomed. I've been saving money by doing it myself, and I'm getting better at it, but there are some things I just can't bring myself to do. Like pull the hair out of his ears and clear the anal gland (ugh). Plus I'm not that great at clipping his feet and the private areas. The groomer at Zamzows is pretty good, so I'm going to get him in there next week. She'll probably scold me a bit, but hey, he isn't really that bad. I do it every two weeks, so he doesn't have very many mats on his legs - that's the other hard thing to keep up with. Keep the fur on the legs from getting matted. Especially in Idaho the lands of Aggressive Weeds!

It's really amazing to see photos of other areas of the country where people garden. All those lovely gardens near the east coast, or even the midwest and the northwest. Beautiful flowers, good soil, lovely climate for growing things.

Then you look at the Intermountain West. Anywhere you get near desert, you get super-aggressive weeds. Any area that's regularly watered is very quickly covered in perennial weeds that are nearly impossible to get rid of. A bulldozer and sterile top soil might do it for a while, but the birds and wind would soon bring in new colonizers and they'd romp away again.

I just can't keep up. I try, but there is no real victory. We're going to spray the gravel paths again pretty soon, but it's just a temporary fix. We did it last year and this year they're all back again just as strong. Thing is, hubby and I really aren't into using all the poisons that so many people here use. We have lots of birds come through, as well as butterflies, dragonflies, native bees, and other small wildlife. I'd rather have them. We've had a good crop of baby quail this year. They're just about the cutest birds ever. We have one hummingbird who's been getting pretty brave with the flowers in my pots on the deck. More than once I've seen him just four feet away through the kitchen window, sipping at the geraniums and fuschia. Once I was out looking at the gladiolus, standing just four or five feet away from them, and he flew up, glanced at me, then took a few sips, as if to say I'm not scared of you - see! :-).

Well, we're looking forward to getting out in the canoe this weekend. It'll be great to be up in the cooler mountain air for a bit.

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