Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FY '08 is Over!

Yippee! About bloody time!

What is it about Federal agencies? They wait until the last three months of the year to use the rest of their budgets, and then panic. Afraid that if they don't spend-spend-spend, they'll get less money next year. Geez.

Suddenly their lack of planning becomes our emergency. So we contractors get inundated with too much work, all with tight deadlines. Most of my overtime happens during the last quarter of the year. You know, end of summer, people taking vacations or leaving for college, gardens and weeds in full production mode, weather hot and dry. Just when I'd like to take things easy for a while. Figures.

Anyway, it's all over now except for the clean-up. All the little things I haven't been able to get finished because some other work had a higher priority.

At least the weather has cooled off. The days are getting shorter and the afternoons just don't heat up like they used to. I'm still getting lots of raspberries, but the tomatoes are nearly finished. Happily, with the cooler weather the arugula has started coming back. And so have my delphinium and some of the other perennials. The orange cosmos is in bloom too. Makes a fun color combination, the dark blue and bright orange. The camera flash makes it look a bit funny, but it was worse without it.

Tachy and I are participating in See Spot Walk this coming weekend. It's a fundraising walk for the local Humane Society. I still feel bad about leaving my cat, DC, with my aunt and uncle in Indiana. He never took to them and disappeared during the year I was in Korea. So I've decided to do this walk whenever I get the chance. We're not always in town that weekend. Hopefully it won't rain TOO hard. We're supposed to get another Pacific storm coming through on Saturday.

Anyway, I'm getting Tachy groomed in a new way for the walk, and I may try to find some kind of fun bandanna or hat for him to wear. I'll probably bring an umbrella as well :-\. I'll take pictures and put them on flickr.

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