Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finished Coldframe

We finished the cold frame this weekend. My sweet pea seeds have arrived, so I'll be planting those in a week or so. I got three old fashioned types; Black Knight (maroon), King Edward VII (bright red), and Cupani's Original (purple & blue - a lot like Matucana). I'm still considering whether I want to put a layer of bubblewrap inside the coldframe or not. Just have to see how things go. The sweet peas are my test case for seedlings. If they don't survive the coldest part of the winter, I can always plant more in January. That should give them enough time to form a good root system before I plant them out in May.

Otherwise, I'll be putting my potted holly bush in there, and maybe a few other things - like the gladiolus bulbs I need to dig up soon :).

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