Friday, October 24, 2008

I Have Voted, Have You?

Well, hubby and I got our voting done yesterday at the County Elections office. Got the sticker and everything. Nice to have that done with. Now I can ignore more of the ads and media reports. I'll still read some of them - I've subscribed to email alerts from the Washington Post and Slate Magazine. And can be addictive, even though I know polls are not always a good predictor of the result.

But in all my internet crawling to read about the issues and politics, I did find an interesting web-site about the Single-Payer system of health care:
It does a pretty good job of explaining how it could work, including a fairly clear description of what socialized health care is, and isn't. Having lived in England for six years, I am somewhat familiar with the "socialized medicine" model - and the Single-Payer system proposed on this website is not that.

Anyway, I'm happy to have the voting thing over with. Now I can start counting the days until the political ads go away. As for how the voting goes on Nov 4th - well, it should be an interesting day.

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