Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Snow Already??!

This is Tachy on the day of See Spot Walk, wearing his Humane Society bandanna. We had a picture taken in the booth as well, by the Idaho Statesman photographer. He looked great, but I look about 70! Not a nice photo of me.

Tonight is a freeze watch, and we're advised to cover any vegetables we don't want ruined by frost. I'll pick what I can of the raspberries and cover the peppers. There's plenty of them half-ripe that would benefit from more time on the plants. The other stuff will just have to make it or not. I hope the orange cosmos is ok. I'm really enjoying them.

Frost is good news for the parsnips, as they're supposed to taste better after going through a freeze. I guess we'll see!

Although a freeze before the end of October is pretty typical here, the other weather warning is snow! By the weekend the snow level is supposed to drop to 3500 feet, with some rain and snow mix in the valleys. So it probably won't stick, but still! I think the earliest snow I've seen is a dusting on Halloween morning the first year I lived here.

So looks like I'll be out shopping for horticultural fleece this afternoon.

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