Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blessed All Saints Day / Samhain

On this day that celebrates the end of the harvest, we continued storing away garden produce. During the week hubby cut the last of the grapes, mashed, then let them sit a few days. Today he strained the juice and put it in a vat to begin the wine-making process. There's not a lot - perhaps a gallon or so. But it'll be a good way to learn the method. We're hoping for more grapes next year.

Tomorrow I want to dig up the gladiolus bulbs, and dig out the black raspberry. It didn't produce any fruit worth speaking of this year, even though I managed to prune it properly. It set a few berries, but when I tried some they were dry and mostly seed. I waited to see if they would get riper but they just dried up and disappeared. So out it comes! I may plant another red raspberry in spring, or just wait to see if the one already there produces enough canes to fill the space. That might be easiest. Hard to imagine having too many raspberries!

I made chili this evening using some of the peppers I roasted. Only a minor ingredient, but it was still fun to use those rather than opening a can. The freezer is full of bags of frozen garden produce, including roasted peppers, roasted beets, pesto, tomato sauce, raspberries and green beans. We really need to put some of it out in the big freezer.

Next weekend my Aikido dojo is hosts Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei for a three-day seminar. I wanted to go to the Scottish Country Dance weekend at Asilomar, CA, this weekend, but couldn't afford to do both. Since I'm supposedly testing for 3rd kyu sometime in the next few months, the Aikido weekend made more sense (cheaper as well). So this evening all my dancing friends are there at Asilomar Retreat Center, dancing away at the Ball, after walking on the beach this afternoon. *sigh*

The pictures show our oak tree. The top one is today, the second one is October 20th. What a difference 10 days and some wind has made! It's been in the mid 60's all week, though we had some rain yesterday and today. I hope we'll have some real winter weather soon.

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