Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A leaf out in the back yard this morning. There was a lot of frost. Had to park out on the driveway when I got home last night, and then forgot to put my car in the car port. Came out this morning to completely iced-up windows. So I've now had the first window scrape of the season. Brrr!

We're looking forward this weekend to having dinner with my parents and sister at her house on Friday. Then on Saturday is the Thistle & Ghillies annual St. Andrews dinner, dance and ceilidh. I think hubby is doing a ceilidh act this year. I haven't thought of anything. I'll be busy enough the rest of the evening anyway.

It's going to be very busy work-wise until the 26th. I need to finish most of the work I have going by then. Lots of interviews and typing!

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