Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Hope your holiday weekend is all you want it to be.

Hubby's oldest daughter and grandchild are coming to our house for T-day. My sister and her daughter are also coming. So it's going to be a lively day with two toddlers running around. We'll be having turkey for the third time in two months. Good thing we like it!

I'm scrambling to finish up things for work before the four day weekend. That's always fun (not). Then there's shopping and cleaning for the guests arriving tomorrow. I'm hoping to go see a movie with my sister on Saturday, and do a bit of gardening. The big project is to make a wreath. I've got the grapevine base, I just need to get the greenery attached and make it look pretty. This is a bit later than I usually do it, so I hope I can still find some reasonable berries and rose hips out there! We've had a lot of frost and fog this week. But no snow.

We did have some snow fall last Saturday night but of course it didn't stick. At least it gave some moisture.

Happy holiday.

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