Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Bit More Snow

Well, it did snow a bit more overnight, but even more fell between 8:30 - 11:00 am. My sister says they have about 2 inches where she lives (20 miles east and slightly north), which sounds like a bit more than us. So I'm waiting a bit longer before I head over to my sister's house for a day of cookie-baking. Hubby went out earlier and says people were sliding and fish-tailing all over the place, getting used to snowy roads. Having lived a while in Indiana, driving to work in snow on a regular basis, I usually do ok. I'm not happy about having a car with rear-wheel drive, but it's got that electronic road/wheel control thing I can turn on, which seems to help a little bit. I'll be happier when I get the next company car this coming July. It has front-wheel drive.

It's getting towards noon and the clouds are breaking up to the south. So hopefully the snow will get slushy and be not quite as slippery when I leave.

Sis and I are going to make our family's traditional date-walnut-spice cut-outs, and at least mix the dough for the kourabeides. Hopefully we'll also have time to bake and decorate some of the cut-outs so I'll have them for Monday night's dance party.

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