Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It's not snowing yet, but it's supposed to snow off and on through-out today and tonight. It's sure cold enough! So we'll hopefully have new snow on Christmas Day. Although there is plenty out there now for a good snowman or snowball fight.

Once again, in the midst of the darkest time of the year, we have turned the corner heading towards summer. I think it must be psychological, but I can almost tell the days are fractionally longer already.

My aunt and uncle's old farmhouse burned down on Sunday afternoon. They got out safely but weren't able to save anything. It was an old place, early 20th C., and I'm sure the wood was tinder-dry. This is the aunt and uncle that let me stay with them when I first returned from England and didn't have a job yet. The farm was a good place to be at such a difficult time in my life. I really liked that old house. It seemed to go on forever, always more rooms around a corner or through a door that didn't look like it went anywhere. Much as I liked it, I'm sure my aunt and her extended family love it far more. How hard it must be to have lost everything. Not only the house and its contents, but all the memories of growing up there, raising children there.

The farm is around 10 acres, at least. I used to know but I've forgotten. They have 10 grown children and are surrounded by family. One of their older sons has his house just 500 yards away on the property, so my aunt and uncle are probably staying there. I'm sure there's plenty of people able to give them immediate help, and hopefully the insurance will allow them to re-build. Still it's such a helpless feeling, wanting to help, but not knowing how.

If you pray, please pray for them. It's a hard thing to have happen, especially this time of year.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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