Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow At Last!

Well, after all the hype from the weather folks, our "arctic blast" has arrived. As you can see from the photo, it has not exactly lived up to expectations. At least not here in the valley. Ah well. One can always hope for more snow as the season goes on. At least the mountains are getting a good layer.

It's pretty cold outside, certainly below freezing, and still clouded over. So we could have more snow overnight. Hope so!

It's going to be a busy week getting ready for our annual Solstice party next weekend. We still haven't put up our tree. I haven't done any baking yet. The Christmas cards aren't written. I haven't mailed any of the long-distance presents. And there's plenty of cleaning to do, probably after work during the week (sigh). We're hoping for a good crowd, including most of our musician friends. There may even be spontaneous English and Contra dancing.

Monday night is the last Scottish Country dance class of the year, so we're having a party. People dress a little Christmas-y and bring finger food treats. We'll dance some of the dances we've learned, eat, and have fun.

Then on Tuesday eight of us are dancing for a local American Legion hall Christmas dinner. It was a last-minute request, but my dancers came through. I hope the group will enjoy it. We'll do two dances, talk a bit about Scottish Country dancing, and put a great kilt on an unsuspecting victim.

Now there's snow in the local mountains, I'm looking forward to going snowshoeing a couple times during my week off between Christmas and New Year. We might try going up to McCall. There are good snowshoe trails around and on the lake. You get a totally different perspective of the town and surrounding mountains while walking out on the frozen lake. And when we get tired there are places we can get hot chocolate. I also want to get up to Banner Ridge again. The trails there aren't crowded and the views are nice.

One interesting thing I did today was go to an Obama house party. This is the very base of PEBO's grassroots organizing effort. So far there's 12 of us, all Democrats languishing in the 3rd reddest state of the union, wanting to do something more concrete than wait and see what happens. I admit I'm a bit skeptical, but I'm willing to give it a try. Right now we're going to work on establishing our creds as a group by donating to the local foodbank once a month. The group member who takes the food in will introduce our group to that organization and that will start getting our name around.

We made a list of issues important to us that are also things people on all sides are concerned about. Like the economy, transportation, health care, the environment, etc. Some time early in the new year we're hoping to give a presentation on mass transit to a local mayor at one of his citizen forums. For my part, if I do this, it has to be more than a bunch of isolated Dems venting to each other. I want us to actually accomplish things. So I'll give it a try and see how things go.

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