Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Calendars are Up.

Hubby has a penchant for calendars. Not the calendar part, the photographs. So we have at least eight calendars hanging around the house. It's a fun way to bring in photographs of things and places we like to look at, in an ever-changing display.

There's a Nat. Geo. Scotland calendar above my work desk. Next to my bed is one from Calif. Redwoods State Park. On Ken's side is a guitar calendar. In the kitchen there's a Nat Geo of Tuscany, and an Italian vineyards calendar in Ken's shop. There's a Williamsburg calendar in the kitchen that keeps track of child custody dates, a Stradivarius magazine calendar with beauty shots of various old violins in the workshop, and we'll probably end up with one of Idaho landscapes now that most calendars are on sale. Now I have my own sewing/crafts room, I'll probably find a calendar for in there as well!

We had a quiet New Year's Day. Did some cleaning in preparation for a visit from hubby's sister this weekend, and took a walk. Most of the snow has melted from the storm we got just before Christmas, but there's another storm on the way. It may end up being mostly rain, though. I love snow, but rain is easier to drive in.

The picture is from New Year's Eve. We went to the Idaho Botanic Gardens "Gardens Aglow" evening. They decorate most of the garden with colored lights, set up marquee tents where you can get hot cider and cookies, and put fire cans out where folks can warm up. It was pleasantly chilly but not windy last night. A good night for being outside. We both took a lot of photos. I got a few fun pics, but I think I could have changed the ASA setting and got better shots.

This weekend we're hoping to do a bit of wine tasting in the local area with hubby's sister and her husband, go out for dinner, and generally enjoy catching up on the family news. Then on Monday it's back to work for me, and the first rehearsal for the Thistle & Ghillie's dance performance at local Burns Supper in late January.

In the past week we spent some time re-organizing some rooms in the house. One of the empty kid bedrooms has now become a sewing/crafts room for me, with some office space for hubby. I've moved all my fabric, patterns, and needlework books in there. There's a table for the sewing machine, a long table for cutting out fabric, and shelves for storage. I put two daylight bulbs in the light fixtures to brighten things up, even though this room has windows on two walls. In fact, this room and Ken's workshop probably get more outside light than any other rooms in the house. The older I get, the more important good light becomes for seeing detail.

So one of my New Year resolutions is to get back into the habit of actually *doing* all those projects I've been putting off for years because I had no where to do them. I already have one in mind. But I'll need it by Feb. 7th, so I'd better get moving! Fortunately, it will be relatively simple.

I hope you all had a great New Year celebration, and a blessed new year to come.

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