Saturday, January 10, 2009


I've moved all my sewing things into the new sewing room. Last weekend my sister-in-law and I went to the good fabric store in town. She found some wool twill tartan to make practice kilts from. I found the upholstery remnants! There were a few pieces I couldn't resist. Now I'm all excited about making some Renaissance bodices from these. The cream colored one is my favorite. I like the reverse side nearly as much as the right side.

Hubby has accepted a music gig at an annual Laura Ingalls Wilder day at a local library. We wear our "old time" clothes, he plays fiddle and I teach some simple barn dances. My outfit last year was shabby; a calico shift with two dyed gauze skirts over it and a leather belt. Pretty "down-market" for what I'm doing.

So this year I'll make a calico bodice and skirt. I've ordered a gauged skirt pattern that should be a great improvement. It's got a double-fly waist opening that will make it very adjustable, and cartridge pleats in back. I'm out of practice on those, so I'm hoping for good instructions.

The bodice is old-fashioned for the L.I. Wilder time period. I won't be very fashionable for 1860, but the outfit will be useful for other 19th C. events we do, so that's ok.

Today I cut out and sewed together the bodice, a "short gown", in muslin. I'm glad I did the muslin. It helped me work out the best measurements to use, and I found out I wanted the neck-hole smaller. Showing that much decolletage in a day dress was not done in 1860. This is the back view. You can see the tucks at the waist, and the bottom section is a peplum. The waist needs a drawstring, but I won't bother with that for the muslin. Now I have a better idea of what I'm doing I can work on the blue fabric. It was encouraging to see it come together in one day. I plan to line the blue one, but that shouldn't make it much more complicated.

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