Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Short Gown is Done

Here it is, February, and I haven't posted here yet. So here's a quickie until I can write more.

I'm done with the short gown and working on the skirt for the Laura Ingalls Wilder celebration on Feb. 7th. I'll probably have to finish things up on Friday evening if I want to be ready. I want to go to Aikido tonight, but I'm not sure I should.

This is a picture of the short gown. I'm not happy with the fit. I should've put a bit more width into the whole body, just for added ease. I also need to change the curve between the body and arms. It's too short and narrow so it bunches up a bit under the arms. The pattern, which is really just a series of measurements that allows you to draw the pattern pieces onto your fabric, lets you draw that curve. So I'm thinking next time I'll try a coffee can or something bigger, to make the curve more gradual.

The lining worked out ok, but it feels stiff to wear. I have more of the fabric, so I could do another one, but it seems a shame to have made the first one and not wear it. Guess I'll see how it goes on Saturday.

The skirt is coming together pretty easily. I just don't have time to do the cartridge pleating, so I'm going to do big gathers instead, as big as the sewing machine will allow. The pattern instructions don't call for interfacing in the waistband, but I'm thinking it would be nice to have. I think I can dig some up from my own supplies. I'll be sure to post a few pictures when all is done.

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