Sunday, February 8, 2009

So many projects, so little time.

There are so many things I want to be doing besides work. Sometimes I wish I was old enough to retire, 'cause I could definitely keep myself busy doing all the projects I have planned.

Made spiced candied walnuts today. Found a recipe on Epicurious and made my own adjustments to it. I'll post the recipe on my Facebook page.

Found a cool book at the bookstore yesterday. About making skirts without patterns. It was so full of great tips about how to measure and draft basic skirt shapes that I couldn't resist. I've been sewing since middle school and making period costumes since my 20's using the measure and draw method. But this book had good info in it that I'd either forgotten or didn't know, with clear pictures and some fun ideas. Very inspiring. (If only there was a book like it for fitted period bodices :). This book is going to help me make a petticoat for my 1800's outfit. And maybe a new SCD dance skirt.

I ordered seeds this past week. I've already received my order from Territorial Seeds. Still waiting for Tomato Growers. There's many more seeds I'd like to get from other places, but with 8 different tomatoes already, plus parsnips, soybeans, and two kinds of pumpkins, I figured that's enough for this year. I also want to try lettuce from seed tape. It sounds so easy - I might actually get myself to grow three or four heads at a time and plant again every a few weeks over the summer. So I may still order that. Those are from Burpee. They may have been somewhat unkind about taking over Dan Hinkley's garden at Heronswood, but they do have some cool seed varieties.

I've also got at least three embroidery projects in various stages. One is a copy of a really cute Christmas wreath I bought years ago in Jamestown (eastern Calif). It has little stuffed felt shapes; mittens, stars, trees, hearts and moose heads, in various colors of felt with snowflakes embroidered on them. I hope to finish that one in time for next Christmas, for my mom.

I managed to finish the Laura I. Wilder outfit in time - almost. I had to use big safety pins to close the skirt, cause I just couldn't make myself stay awake long enough to competently sew on hooks and eyes. That won't take long to do one afternoon after work. Plus a few other touch-ups I want to do on the skirt as well.

The event itself went pretty well. The theme this year was Little House in the Big Woods. There were over twice a many kids this year. They didn't have baby chicks to look at, but there was soap carving, pretend baking with salt dough, butter-making, hair-braiding, cornpone to eat, plus old-time household items and animal skins to look at and touch. Ken and I were supposed to teach a few rounds of Strip the Willow, but there were just too many people. So he fiddled and I did rhythm with the straws on his fiddle strings. We got lots of compliments and appreciative comments. Ken found an old picture of someone doing that while looking for old fiddle pictures online.

No daffodil leaves coming up in my garden, far as I know. I should probably have a look. It's still pretty cold here. We're supposed to get a bit of snow overnight, but it's going to get up to 40F during the day. So the snow won't last. I'm not quite ready for winter to be over. But I'm sure there are plenty of people in the midwest who would be thrilled, so I can't begrudge them. Spring doesn't last long here, but it's beautiful. Always makes me wish I'd done more during the Fall to prepare the soil and get more Spring-blooming plants put in. It'll be time to rake all the oak leaves off the back garden pretty soon. Lots of garden projects out there waiting for enough time to do them. Once it's warm enough I'll have to pull out all the dead plant material from the veg garden and get a few loads of composted manure on there. Hopefully next month we can do that.

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  1. By the way, we do have iris blades poking out next to the faucet.