Monday, February 16, 2009

A Walk Along the Snake River

We took a leisurely walk along the Snake River today, at Celebration Park, "Idaho's First Archaeological Park". It's an area of the river where there are a lot of petroglyphs. I'm not sure they know why, but the ancient people tended to use the larger lava boulders with smooth sides facing the water. I don't think they've even deciphered what the pictures mean. Some look like stick people, butterflies, turtles, stars, snakes, but it's hard to say. Still, they're interesting to look at. I'll put more of the pictures I took today up on my flickr site.

It was cold and windy out there, probably in the low 40's. But after we'd been out for a while the wind chill got to us and it felt to me more like the mid 30's. It was great to be out by the water, with a big cloudy sky, the huge river, and snowy Owyhee mountains in the distance. It doesn't seem so bad now, when it's cold. But I can't imagine how hard it must have been to come through this area on a wagon train. Away from the river there would have been just miles of sage brush, alkalai flats, lava fields, and no water. Especially in the hot season.

I keep watching for signs of Spring here, but there aren't many yet. There are daffodil, iris and crocus leaves just starting to poke out in the front garden, but otherwise not much. I have a lot of work to do to get the veg garden ready for planting. And snow predicted for this week. Maybe next weekend, if it's not snowing.

We had a nice St. Valentine's Day. I made a red velvet cake with chocolate frosting. We had King crag legs, sauted scallops, steamed asparagus, new potatoes, and chardonnay champagne, with cake for dessert. We had 'Lost in America' from Netflix to watch on DVD, but the disk was cracked and wouldn't run in our machine. So we watched the last three episodes of Northern Exposure season 3. It was a nice evening in. We treated ourselves to some favorite foods and it still cost less than going out.

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