Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Growing Stuff

Yesterday a work colleague who also gardens gave me a huge piece of his rhubarb crown. The picture only shows part of it, as it broke getting it out of the bag. There are three other pieces planted elsewhere, in hopes a few of my friends might want them.

This rhubarb has been in his garden at least 15 years, he thinks. It came with the house when he moved in a couple years ago. Last year he offered me some of the stems, so I went over one afternoon. The leaves on this plants are HUGE - like prehistoric jungle undergrowth. Literally three feet long and nearly as wide. The stems were as big as two of my thumbs. And it was great rhubarb. I made three jars of stewed rhubarb and a pie.

So I am *thrilled* to get a piece of this particular rhubarb crown. We dug a big hole, mixed in some manure compost, watered the bottom of the hole, and tried to get the buds level with the surface. It's just started to bud out, so I hope to harvest a little this season. It'll take up more space in the veg plot than I'd like, but right now I don't care. I just want it to do well. Perhaps eventually I'll move it somewhere else when we get some of the other garden areas under control.

I have nearly all my seeds now. I'm really excited about the tomato varieties. I have Brandywine Red Landis Valley Strain, Virginia Sweets (yellow-orange), Paul Robeson (purple), Legend (early type), Costoluto Genovese (ribbed Italian), and two grape types, Sprite and Ceylon. I also have Holy Mole Hybrid and Rocotillo peppers, Fairytale and Pump-ke-mon pumpkins, Misono soybeans, and Cobham Improved parsnips.

I want to get some of the seeds started in a few weeks. I had pretty good luck with the tomatoes last year, so I'm hoping it goes well this year too. Once the rhubarb has some leaves I'll put a pic up of those as well.

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