Monday, March 2, 2009

In Like a Lion

Happy March! I still want some snow to fall, but it's looking less and less likely - unless it's a light dusting one night. Spring is on the way. I've got crocus and one snowdrop in bloom, and daffodils are coming up. I planted a lot more snowdrops a few years ago, but this is the only one that's come up so far. I guess I'll just keep encouraging it and see if it spreads. They really don't like being planted as dry bulbs. But you sure can't get them "in the green" out here in Idaho. So I might try to get some bulbs again this fall.

Lots of digging and weeding to do in the next few months if I want to get a head start on all the weeds. Last weekend and yesterday I made a start on the vegetable garden. Pulled out all the old dead plants, weeded and dug in some manure. I still have about 1/4 of the plot to go. It's hard to make myself dig up all the arugula that made it through the winter. I can go out there now and pull enough to make a salad. So I'll have to decide where I want the survivors to be and dig up the rest.

I weeded the perennial fruit and veg area and sprinkled some Dr. Earth there too. I'm hoping to have 4 crowns of asparagus producing this year. We'll see if they do anything. I'm not so sure about the strawberries. Maybe I need to feed them more. They don't really produce as much as I'd like.

Anyway, I'm planning lots of tomatoes, peppers, soy beans and parsnips this year. And perhaps lettuce. I've got a lot of the seed already, just haven't quite got organized to start any of it. Need a few more things.

The chickens have started laying. Not sure when exactly, but hubby found three eggs yesterday. So the days are definitely getting longer. We've had a lot of storm clouds blowing through, but not a lot of rain. I'm hoping we'll get some this week.

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