Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rain and Daffodils

Rain. Isolated downpours blowing through every hour or so, with the sun still peeking through. We went out to take photos, trying to get reflections of the rain drops. This one shows the drops well, though the framing isn't great. It's nice to get some moisture on the garden. Things were starting to look a bit dry.

The next picture is the first daffodils. They just started to open in the last three days. There are lots of tulip leaves coming up but no flower buds yet. I like bulbs. They're so easy, and they surprise you every year by coming up again and looking pretty when so few other things are in flower.

We have at least one or two of our three remaining hens laying eggs. One of the two red ones is eating them almost as soon as the others lay. Once they learn how to do that you can't stop them, so these hens probably aren't going to be around a lot longer. Hubby has been saying that for over a year now, since they are getting older and laying fewer eggs, but we still have them. They're canny old girls, having taught themselves to roost in the oak tree at night.

There's an article in this month's Sunset magazine about keeping chickens. Hubby thought a few of the things they said were silly, but it's good to see more encouragement for growing your own food in mainstream media.

I clipped and washed the dog today. He doesn't enjoy it, but he puts up with it - having been a poodle all his life. And he's always really happy to be clean and dry. I took pictures, but I have trouble getting good posed pictures of him because he keeps getting up to come see the camera or ask to be petted. He's been trained to sit and stay, but once I start talking to him to get him to look at me, he looses focus. He's a toy poodle after all. Not a lot of space in that skull.

I'm not an expert at clipping, but I've got better over the past few years. I can get his face mostly the way I want it and clip the body hair evenly without divots. Every once in a while I take him to the groomer because she can get the hair out of his ears and all the other details I can't bring myself to do.

Not much going on here lately, as you can probably tell from this post. Just wanted to bring any of you still reading up-to-date. I have the coming week off, so I plan to get the veggie seeds planted, inside and out. The rhubarb crown has lots of new leaves just starting to unfurl, so I'm excited about that. There's weeding and leaf raking to do, and I'll go have a look at the local nursery for blueberries. They might have them in by now.

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