Saturday, May 30, 2009

Almost June

It's amazing to think May is nearly over. At the beginning of the month it still felt like spring. Now it definitely seems like summer. It's been high 80's or more all week, the cheat grass is already setting seeds, and the morning glories (bindweed) are starting to bloom (ugh). I'm so glad we mowed last weekend. It looks so much better than it did.

I'll be planting out the peppers and pumpkins tomorrow. That is, if I can find space for the pumpkins. The three extra rhubarb plants are taking up more room than I'd like. So I'm not sure where I can fit in three pumpkins. Maybe I'll rip out the old arugula along one edge, so I can train the pumpkin vines outwards. That might work.

The tomatoes are doing really well so far. It's only been a week and I can already see more height and new leaves. I have 16 plants this year, all planted from seed. That sounds like a lot but five are small fruited; two grape variety, Sprite, and three of a cool-looking one called Ceylon. You can see them both here. I really hope they grow and produce a lot, 'cause the fruit sounds wonderful.

Of the others I ended up with two Legend and two Costoluto Genovese, both earlier types. There are two purple-fruited Paul Robeson, two Red Brandywine, and three Virginia Sweets, a red and yellow bicolor I am very curious to see. The picture in the catalog (bottom of the page) looked beautiful, and they sound delicious too. If all goes well, I'll probably be giving some away, but that's alright. We'll have plenty of yummy tomatoes around.

It's been a long week. Aside from the normal stuff I do - fieldwork interviews and report typing, I volunteered to help out on a smaller contract we have with the US Forest Service; fingerprinting their first responders. So I and three colleagues spent all day Wednesday fingerprinting firefighters :). The only training I had was a video, but at least that gave me the basic idea. For my first vic - uh, fingerprintee, I got a policeman. He was very helpful in showing me how to do the edge-to-edge roll for the single prints. The four of us did over 100 people that day, two full cards (left and right hands) each. That's a lot of fingerprinting. It wasn't hard, but the tables were all too short, so we were all bending over. The taller, more muscular guys with tight shoulders really had to contort themselves to let me do the edge-to-edge roll, especially on their ring and pinky fingers. I had one, probably the tallest guy I printed, who finally just bent over at the waist so he could get his shoulder down low enough for me to roll his fingers correctly.

It was a nice change from normal - and hey, I know how to fingerprint someone now! - but it did put me behind on my other work. I drove nearly 200 miles on Friday, running around trying to get things done.

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