Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Got my hair cut yesterday. I think she took 3-4 inches off. It was so long that I wasn't enjoying it anymore. And it was HOT! I was torn between going as short as it was in Korea, and where it is now. But she layered it a bit, so some of the natural wave comes through.

I planted out most of the tomatoes today. Still have the peppers and the small-fruit tomatoes to do, but they're going in a different area. Two or three of the new "Espresso" glads have leaves poking up, and the raspberries are really getting thick. I think I'll have to go through and thin out some of the canes.

I also planted up a new pot for the deck. I didn't really think about it at the time, but I seem to be going for a pink & purple theme this year. The first picture is a pot I planted up about three weeks ago. The white lobelia doesn't have any flowers yet, but I hope it will soon. The bottom pic is what I did today. It has a yellow-leaved fuschia, the black & green coleus, rose lobelia, and those dark pink torrenia. I think I'm going to like the torrenia - they're almost like trailing snapdragons. Neither pot has really filled out yet, but I hope they'll do well. It will be a challenge finding spots for them where they don't get sun ALL day.

There's a storm cloud overhead, but it hasn't rained. I'm not sure I want it to or not, since I plan to mow the back field this weekend, around the cottage garden area. I want to bag the cuttings, rather than mulch them, so it might take me a while. I just don't want all those seedheads put right back on the soil.

Sure is nice to have three days off. We're thinking about going for a hike in the Owyhees tomorrow, depending on the weather.

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