Friday, June 26, 2009

Things Fall Apart

I hate getting older sometimes. My right knee has decided it's unhappy and wants more attention, so it's been hurting on a regular basis for the past few weeks. This is the knee I tore some ligaments in back in 1998. It's done pretty well until recently. I think the main problem is I've allowed the small muscles around the joint to get a bit flabby. I should do my PT exercises more, but I don't get around to it enough. I have to make a serious commitment to doing them every day multiple times if I want to get through an entire week of dancing at summer school just four weeks from now!

At least the garden is doing well. The tomatoes are, so far, sturdy and healthy. Lots of flowers, which bodes well for a good tomato harvest. I've got three parsnips from the first seeds I planted, and now four more from the second time! Whew! I also have a lot of volunteer French marigolds coming up, so I've been transplanting them to around the tomatoes. My sister gave me a bunch of volunteer calendula (pot marigolds), and those have been doing really well too. I've even had one very precocious Autumn Gold raspberry get ripe. There are lots of green berries now, so probably by the time I leave for summer school we'll have a whole bunch of ripe ones. Yippee :\.

We turned on the AC yesterday because temps got up into the 90's. Sometime during the winter the AC may have died, because all it did was pump out a lot of hot air. So we called the repair guy today. Hopefully it's relatively simple to fix. Today won't be so bad (mid 80's), but the weekend will be hotter.

The sprinklers are struggling a bit. There's a whole zone of the lawn that doesn't work, and the zone behind the house must have a leak somewhere underground because the water pressure is low and the water doesn't reach everywhere.

It's just one thing after the other lately.

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