Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Falling Oak Leaves

The oak tree outside our bedroom window already has some yellow leaves. I just noticed this morning that there are more and more leaves on the back deck. When the heck did that start happening!? It's only mid-September! I don't mind the (slightly) cooler weather, but I'm not liking the shorter days this year. It always takes me a long time to get used to it being dark at 6:30 am, when we usually get up. I hate getting up in the dark. Once the days get this short I can't tell the time anymore by just barely opening my eyes to look outside and then fall back asleep. I have to reach over, pick up the alarm clock, and make my eyes focus to see the time. By then I'm awake.

This Summer I got myself into the habit of getting up about 6:30 and going out to walk/jog with the dog. It was nice because there aren't many cars out that early, it's cool and quiet. I went about a mile, trying to jog most of it and walk when I had to. Not a huge distance, but it built up my stamina for TAC summer school. And I liked it enough that I kept doing it afterwards. But once school starts up again there's more traffic. Then the days shorten so much that it's still pitch black at 6:30. So I had to stop doing it. But I can't just not exercise. I'm not willing to give in to the creeping weight gain that can so easily happen once you get into middle age.

So today I got up and went to the Rec Center with hubby. I walked/jogged a mile on the indoor track, and then we did some weights in the weight room. I don't really like weights, they're pretty boring. But it's a way of keeping my arms and shoulders toned, so I'll keep at it. Ken does more than me. I do the machines I like, and then stretch. That'll probably help me get ready to go back to Aikido, too. I haven't been since mid-July for various reasons. I'm hoping to go next week.

Last week I had a mini-spree on Amazon, finding some new SF/Fantasy authors to try. I tend to read more in the Fall and Winter, so it's a nice feeling to have a good pile of books I'm looking forward to.
I just discovered the first book in Jane Lindskold's new series, 'Thirteen Orphans'. Zipped through it, and now I'm waiting for the next one, 'Nine Gates', to come out in paperback.
I also got 'Path of Fate' by Diana Pharaoh Francis, 'Black Ships' by Jo Graham, and 'The Serpent Garden' by Judith Merkle Riley. They all sound like good reads, but I'm particularly interested in 'Black Ships'. I seem to be on a Troy kick lately. I just finished 'Lavinia' by Ursula Le Guin, about the Roman wife of Aeneas. She's just barely mentioned in the epic poem, so this is Le Guin's effort at fleshing out the character. 'Black Ships' is about a slave girl from fallen Troy who becomes a seer, and joins Aeneas on his quest.

I'm currently reading 'Georgiana' by Amanda Foreman, the book that the movie "Duchess" was based on. It's way better than the movie, as usual. I also have Michael Pollan's 'The Omnivore's Dilemma' in the pile. So it'll be a good winter for reading.

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