Sunday, October 11, 2009

Putting the Garden to Bed

It’s not even Halloween yet and we’re having a “hard freeze" tonight. I’ve been covering the tomatoes against frost for a week now. I’ll have to get out there again this evening w/ the sheets. There are a few more tomatoes I’d like to get a bit riper. We still get a handful of raspberries every few days, but that could end tonight. We’ll see.

So I’m still getting tomatoes from the Virginian Sweets, Paul Robeson, Legend, and C. Genovese. The Sprites are done. The peppers have taken ages to get close to being ripe. I finally pulled the long ones off tonight. The little ones are still green, and I’m hoping they’re sheltered enough they’ll make it through the cold. Guess we’ll see.

I have at least six pumpkins or more. If it’s really as cold as the forecast says, I’ll probably harvest those tomorrow too. The parsnips are still doing well. They can stay out there for the time being.

It was a good year for the garden. Everything except one pumpkin variety did really well. Strange to think the season is almost over. It seemed to go really fast. I guess we were pretty busy. Next summer I’ll have to do less. I expect to be away for two weeks in late July for the SCD exam.

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