Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter Comes....

It's snow-cold. Smells like snow too. Cloudy and blustery. S'posedly 90% chance of 1" of snow overnight. Lows for the next few nights in the 20's. Brr.

We had a few flakes fall earlier this evening, then it turned to rain. But it's snowing again, and I'm hoping to wake up to whiteness!

Lots to do these next few days. Scrub the bathroom walls before they're painted. Make sure the plaster patches are dry and ready to paint. Clean out the pantry and wipe down the shelves. Vacuum, dust, put things away. Send off all the accumulated boxes of things w/ UPS labels!
I have to use FedEx for my work documents. And they don't do UPS. So I have to drive to a different place....and that just doesn't get done. Too much work to do these past months.

Picked the last 10 or so raspberries yesterday. They weren't as soft and juicy as the ones that ripened in actual sunlight, but some were ok. Strange to be picking raspberries into November. The tomatoes are gone. Used the last couple dozen of the ones I picked to ripen indoors for tomato sauce last weekend. I pulled up my first parsnip yesterday. As much as I think I've dug over and broken up the soil, I still get these gnarled Old Man Willow parsnips. Ah well, they taste good. Maybe next year I'll use one of the half-barrels with new compost.

Three of my asparagus crowns did very well this year. The fourth one is gone. The survivors didn't produce much in the way of spears to eat, but they grew, put out fronds and generally increased in size. I still have to get out there and weed that area, but I have great hopes for next year's crop. It won't be huge, but I might get one meal's worth!

We're starting to think about the holidays. We'll probably have family over for Thanksgiving Day dinner. Not sure of everyone yet, but it'll be at least six or more. It will be a quiet Christmas I think. We're planning to go south. It'll make a nice change from our usual routine. I also want to go to a Gardens Aglow evening at the Botanic Garden this year. It was fun last time. And I'm looking forward to snowshoeing this winter. We're hoping to get some friends to come try it.

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