Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Flowers

It has finally started to feel like Spring this week. The daffodils, hyacinth and tulips are flowering, and just this morning our huge crab apple tree *burst* into a cloud of pink blossoms. It will only last a few days, but it's gorgeous to look at. We've even had three days in a row of temps in the 70's! The irrigation canals were suddenly full of water last Saturday morning. Around here that's when you really know the weather is warming up.

I'm out of gardening-shape. I'm trying to get my veg garden started, but weeds and arugula are trying to take over. So I've mostly been digging out weeds, and I'm really slow at it after having the winter off. At least the raspberries are leafing out, three of my asparagus crowns are still alive, and the rhubarb is doing well. I've already had to water it a couple times in between rain storms. I'm hoping to get some seeds started tomorrow. I'm going to try some new bush beans and swiss chard.

Last weekend I cleared out a space in the front garden bed for strawberries. I had some out in the veg area but they didn't do well there. Ants and birds kept getting to them before I did. So now there are six new strawb plants just across the driveway where I can keep an eye on them. They'll get watered more regularly there as well.

I've been able to harvest rhubarb three times already. So we've been having stewed rhubarb on our pancakes and waffles. It's nice on yogurt or vanilla ice cream too. I have three extra rhubarb crowns I could give away, but I haven't found any takers yet. I need the garden space but I don't want to throw them out.

We bought an almond tree today at the local nursery. We're planning to cut down a small tree in the front yard that isn't doing well, dig out a lot of the surrounding dirt and plant the almond. Not in the same spot, but nearby. I hope it does well. I like almonds, and the flowers are pretty and fragrant.

The son of our organic farmer friend is experimenting with making kombucha tea. Hubby and I were at their house this week and tried some. He's got a whole bunch of different flavors going. He's been bottling it and selling it. I bought two bottles, one mint tea and one stinging nettle tea. It's not something you drink a lot of at one time, as it has a...helpful...effect on your digestion, but I like it.

Well, lots to do tomorrow...

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