Friday, May 28, 2010


It must be the odd weather this Spring. I've been enjoying the iris in bloom more than ever - probably because so little else has flowered until this past week. I think the days finally got long enough that there's enough sunlight, watery though it is, for things to bloom. We'll be happy about the water later in summer, but it has played havoc with the garden so far.

I've been looking at the Schreiner's Iris website. They have some wonderful things - some of them quite expensive! There's a white edged with blue that was $50 for a rhizome. Yikes! Good thing I already have one. I've done pretty well buying from the local Iris Society at the Farmer's Market. I'm hoping to see them there again this year and get something new. The top picture is of the yellow, blue and bronze iris we found behind the house. I should take some photos along to see if someone knows what they're called. The orange ones are scented - kind of sweet and lemony. Very nice. From what I've seen poking around online, they're probably older varieties. Not really 'heirloom', but possibly mid-20th C.

I've also been really happy with the iris I ordered from Iris Sisters Farm, especially the dwarf yellow with blue beard, "Prank", and the bi-color, "What Again". They've spread into large beds. I'll need to thin them soon.

Anyway, it's the time of year to have iris fever. They do well in our climate and soil, so you see them everywhere. I saw one on Hwy 20 on my way to Vale, OR, last week that I've been trying to find online. It have violet blue falls and a yellow top. A very nice combination. Sort of like this. This one's called 'Jurassic Park' of all things. Who thinks of these names?
I also like this one, 'Dynamite' I'll have to see if the Iris Society has anything similar.

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