Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Late (Wet) Spring

It’s been a cooler and wetter than normal Spring. Usually by this time in May we have mostly sunny days with the occasional thunderstorm passing through. June can be that way too. But the past weeks have seen a lot of rain. On Saturday we had a record 1.5" fall. Great for our water stores, but pretty unusual for it to rain nearly all day. And then snow! Evidently Utah broke a record for the latest day of snowfall. Not just a sprinkle, but 6" of it. Bogus Basin, our local ski area, got 18"! Crazy! Today it rained for a lot of the morning, and we may have more rain overnight.

I'm perfectly fine with that. The less super-hot weather we have, the better it is, from my point of view. I always dread the weeks in August when we have 100F+ temps for days on end. But at least it's dry heat. I'm not used to the humidity of Indy or Korea any more. But lucky me, I'm going to muggy Ontario, Canada, this August. I'll get the high temps and high humidity. Whoohoo.

V’s wedding went very well, considering all the rain. Lots of people showed up, the food was great, and the 100 umbrellas V bought came in very handy! It’s strange to think of her as married, although it won’t really be that different than before, as she’s been living with B for a few years now. They’re off on honeymoon to Europe now. Sounds like they’re having fun so far.

The plants are all reacting differently to the cooler weather. The iris have been beautiful this year. It will be interesting to see what happens next year if I don't find time to thin out the beds this fall. I may be giving iris away. The salvia and penstemon are in bloom, but the dianthus, wild roses and thyme have just barely started. Usually they're all in flower at the same time. My purple-leaved sage seems to have been struck by the very cold temps we had this winter. I’m thinking I’ll have to dig it up and cut out the center. The two ends have come into leaf, but the middle section is still dead wood.

My tomatoes, raspberries and rhubarb are doing well. I really must get the seedlings re-potted or planted out this weekend if I can. They’re wayyyyy too tall. The pepper plants I bought as back-ups are still ok, but something is eating chunks out of the leaves. Not sure if it’s just leaf-cutter bees or earwigs. I may have to spray them.

The chicks are doing well. They’ll be a month old tomorrow. They have most of their feathers and are starting to show combs. I just hope I really have eight hens. It’s getting harder to tell some of them apart. I keep forgetting to take pictures. I should do it tomorrow for their one month “birthday”.

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