Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seeds Planted At Last!

This is the cottage garden bed with the dwarf iris going crazy. I don't know how I'm going to keep up with them. They should probably be thinned out this year - but what a chore!

I finally got around to planting seeds today! I'm trying the little peat capsules for the first time on some of them. It took a bit of soaking to get them swollen up to size, but they did. I also used peat pots w/ seed starter compost, so we'll see how the two compare. Just for my own reference, today I planted:
4 Marconi Italian peppers
2 Legend tomatoes
2 Paul Robeson tomatoes
2 Virginia Sweets tomatoes
4 Sugar Snap peas
6 bush beans, 2 each of purple, green and yellow
2 pots of Cilantro
4 pots of Rainbow Chard
2 Scarlet Runner beans
2 pots of Sweet Peas

I also bought two Sweet Italian pepper plants, just in case. I didn't grow the Marconi peppers last summer and I missed having them. So I hope we'll get a few this time. They're really good for roasting. The crop I had two summers ago lasted nearly all winter.

The 14 new chicks came home on Tuesday, April 27th. They're already growing. They have the beginnings of wing feathers coming through. We've lost one of the Rhode Island Reds, but so far all the others are doing well.

The new strawberries are happy enough, but I've already found evidence of birds getting at them, even though the berries were only green. I'll have to get some netting to cover them during the day.

Our almond tree still hasn't leafed out. We're worried something is wrong with it, so we went back to the nursery today to look at their trees. None of those had started either. When we asked the staff, the owner said they needed a longer period of warmth to start leafing. So we'll see how the next few weeks go. I hope it's not dead. That was a lot of work for nothing if so.

We had my birthday cake today, since we won't have time tomorrow. I got a box of See's chocolate, three beautiful ceramic bowls and one of those tube garlic peelers. We saw the peeler at a friend's house a few weeks ago and it worked so well that hubby went looking for one. The bowls are Asian style, dark blue glaze with simple white cherry blossoms. I've been admiring them for a while, so it was nice that Ken thought of it. It's been a nice weekend.

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