Friday, July 30, 2010

It Figures

Well, I leave tomorrow. I harvested the first tomatoes today. And of course the raspberries are ready to explode, the other tomatoes are starting to turn red, the swiss chard is ready to pick, the beans are finally starting to produce, and the lettuce I planted in a pot on the deck will easily be ready to eat sometime in the next two weeks. I just hope my husband can keep up with all the watering and picking!

Last night was Bru rehearsal at Tim's. Our friends from Twin Falls were there too, so it more like a dinner with a little jamming afterwards than a real rehearsal. Tim barbecued T-bone steaks from a grass-fed steer they raised on the farm. Those were amazing! Rare, as I like them, but tender and full of flavor. Like the memory of a perfect steak you carry in your head ("ideal steaks of the mind", I called them). Along with that we had all kinds of Asian greens (Ruby Streaks mustard, tatsoi, etc) from his greenhouses, as well as some amazing crispy-sauteed dinosaur kale with a goat cheese from Rollingstone in Parma. They're pretty low-profile here, but evidently they are master cheese-makers who sell all over the U.S.

So we ate very well last night. A nice send-off for me, heading to two weeks of cafeteria food.

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