Saturday, July 3, 2010

July Begins!

Messing around with my blog colors. There are new templates to choose from but I don't like any of them. And I'm not really interested in doing my own template right now. So I'll keep what I've got and tinker with it occasionally.

It's going to be a nice relaxing weekend, I hope. Today we put a second coat of paint on the bathroom ceiling. I'm pleased all over again with the color I chose. Tomorrow we'll start on the walls. I hope I still like that color too! Once we're done I'll go get new towel racks, and I have a gift card from Christmas I'm going to use for another set of towels.

I did some deadheading out in the garden, planted out my six seed-raised tomatoes, and pulled some weeds. I've also started picking raspberries. There aren't more than a dozen or so at a time, yet. But they'll start taking off pretty soon and I'll get a couple pints a day. Yummy!

The two 'Legend' tomatoes I bought already have golf-ball-size tomatoes on them. I also have a 'Mr. Stripey' and another one, but I don't remember its name. They aren't quite as far along. Neither is the swiss chard. I don't know what the deal is this year. Some things seem really reluctant to grow, even though the days are long and we're getting more sun than clouds. And, as a side-effect of all the rain, I have to worry about slugs! This is the first year I've had slugs since I moved to Idaho in '03. Gardens in town that get more water might have slugs, but it's pretty dry out where we are. I'm going to get a few cans of cheap beer and put that out in dishes overnight. Should cut down on the population a bit. I'm also putting coffee grounds around some plants. We'll see if it makes a difference.

One nice thing about the rain has been the rhubarb. I'm still getting plenty of it and the stalks are starting to be thicker, more like the plant my friend has that mine came from. So today I cooked up 10 cups of it. We're going to try canning it this summer with Mom's microwave method. It worked really well for the grape juice.

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